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…the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment. UNCRC 1989 Tell me more

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PROTECT a child

A child’s need to enjoy his/her rights can not be postponed. We can not wait, until the family and social situation allows, to provide support to children in achieving their educational and health rights. By creating opportunities for children to go to school and be grow in safety, we create long lasting impact for those who otherwise would end up on the street.

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EMPOWER families

It is profoundly important to continue to concentrate on investing in creating a sustainable family for children to grow in

Smile Watabaran.com

HOLD the goverment ACCOUNTABLE

We must create sustainable life opportunities for children. That requires structural changes. Bringing structural changes to keep children out of poverty and coming out of the spiral of poverty is not a charity, it is childrens rights and it is social justice. We work with duty bearers (authorities) to ensure the rights af children.

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Many people decided to do something and not just watch. Are you ready to do the same?
The smallest actions can have a big impact!


When you donate to CWCN you help us to support great causes and make World more save and beauty in Nebal child’s eyes . Please help us to support them!

Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!

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You can help CWCN by funding its current and upcoming projects. or by Sponsorship thatnables these street children to go to school and live a decent life. we aim to provide sponsorship to such needy children and help them live a normal life.

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It is difficult to live in harsh conditions, but it is easy to make it better togather ….

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